Been in a Car Accident? Now What?

What’s the first thing you worry about if you’ve been in a car accident? Well, if your HURT, it should be where do I go for treatment. If your injuries are life-threatening, you need to be in an emergency room. The next big question is, who should I see now for help?

This is where APIC comes in. Our group consists of: Chiropractors, Board Certified Medical Specialists, Certified Physical Therapists, Imaging Centers, and Attorneys all in one group for your convenience. Our team of healthcare providers will accept a lien on your case and wait for payment until the time of settlement or closure of your case.

APIC are specialists in motor vehicle accidents and personal injury. They will meet with you at your convenience, to start protecting your rights.

It’s Just, “One Call for All your Medical and Legal Needs.”

Think Atlanta Personal Injury Clinics

Here at Atlanta Personal Injury Clinics, we understand what individuals go through after being involved in an automobile accident. Individuals are hurt, concerned for loved ones and sometimes completely at a loss on what to do next. This understanding is what inspired our vision to create a network of providers that will be able to provide our communities with the highest quality of healthcare as well as making sure you have the best representation available to you.

Atlanta Personal Injury Clinics (A.P.I.C.) is dedicated to the physical well being and health of our patients. We have close to 40 offices around Metro Atlanta that are ready to help you get better. Our Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, allied health and diagnostic facilities are ready to get you in and get you well. Whether it’s from an auto accident, weekend warrior event or just plain old stresses of life, we can help.

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We are founded by Doctors who understand that the first step to healing starts here. We also have a team of legal professionals that have been chosen for the highest level of standards and ethics. They are here to help ensure that your recovery also includes your financial recovery.


Atlanta Personal Injury Clinics Has You Covered!

If you and/or a loved one have been involved in an automobile accident, have the confidence to call APIC first. We will take care of all your questions and concerns.

Let us help you quickly recover, physically and financially. Have Your Questions Answered And Get Started.

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