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Side Effects – Your Healthcare Choice

Back Pain Kirkland WA Chiropractor

Unless you live on Netflix, you are unable to turn on the television without a commercial appearing, for some new pharmaceutical drug that will cure whatever condition or disease that your body may be suffering from at the moment. Drug manufacturers commonly advertise on television and in various other media to encourage people to "Ask your doctor ...


How Do You Spell Pain Relief in Atlanta?

Neck Pain Kirkland WA Whiplash

Carefully listen next time you are watching television, and a new drug is being advertised. The last 20 seconds after the sell is the long list of side effects. Wow! The effects are far worse than the condition they are treating. By comparison now, the simple over-the-counter pain relievers look virtually harmless. Unfortunately, it is those ...


Which Is Best For My Pain Relief? Heat or Ice?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and wan to self-treat with heat, check out this article before you exacerbate your injury. Ice or Heat? When you suffer from an injury or are in need of pain relief this question arises quite frequently.  Most often we reach for the solution that our mothers gave us or ...


Dizziness and Vertigo Linked to Whiplash

When eliciting a history from an accident victim, symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, and depression are often overlooked. Many victims experience these types of symptoms immediately or shortly following an impact. Some even describe the lack of concentration and lack of energy. Whiplash symptoms can be very complex. Unfortunately, many professionals overlook the Vestibular System ...


The Many Faces of Whiplash

Motor vehicle collisions (MVC), usually result in injuries to the neck and upper back. However, there are often other complaints that can occur immediately or after a delayed time frame. The mechanism of injury or, "How did the accident happen?" is very important to discuss in detail. For example, a low-speed crash such as 5-10 mph ...