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Don’t Become A Whiplash Statistic

Our bodies love the exhilaration of moving fast. Unfortunately, they are not as accepting of the sharp stops. These sharp stops can not only be painful today but can have a traumatic effect on your health long term. If you have ever been in a car, roller coaster, or possibly simply fallen and came to a ...


Dizziness and Vertigo Linked to Whiplash

When eliciting a history from an accident victim, symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, and depression are often overlooked. Many victims experience these types of symptoms immediately or shortly following an impact. Some even describe the lack of concentration and lack of energy. Whiplash symptoms can be very complex. Unfortunately, many professionals overlook the Vestibular System ...


Two Second Tip On Steering Wheel Injuries

In automobile accidents, the steering wheel can be considered a "blunt instrument" that can create bodily injury. The one thing in common for virtually every driver is that they are holding onto the steering wheel during an accident, leaving their hands and wrists exposed to injury. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is one of the most ...


Whiplash and Work Disability in Alpharetta, GA

Whiplash results from a sudden trauma, typically involving an accident, where the injured person’s car is struck from behind, from the front, or from one of the sides. The injury is caused by the head quickly accelerating, like a “crack the whip” action, which often results in a headache, neck pain and sometimes loss of ...


Been In An Auto Accident?

It can happen in an instant!  You were simply driving your car - possibly in auto-pilot- then out of nowhere another car swerves or an animal runs in the road, and suddenly you slam on your brakes.  Most often we avoid the collision of another object but often in cases we don't.  Unfortunately, this sharp ...


The Many Faces of Whiplash

Motor vehicle collisions (MVC), usually result in injuries to the neck and upper back. However, there are often other complaints that can occur immediately or after a delayed time frame. The mechanism of injury or, "How did the accident happen?" is very important to discuss in detail. For example, a low-speed crash such as 5-10 mph ...